Urban Angel Profile of the Day: Tanya Walters – Godparents Youth Organization

by Kim Anthony

Los Angeles school bus driver Tanya Walters started Godparents Youth Organization (G.Y.O.) in 2005 when she realized that she and her fellow drivers had formed bonds with the teenagers that they drove to and from school every day, and that they could be used to change lives. The route they have driven since starting G.Y.O. has covered thousands of miles and opened hundreds of young eyes to a world that exists beyond some of the toughest streets of Los Angeles. A world many of these kids never new existed. A world many of them never dreamed of seeing.

GYO is committed to transforming hopelessness into hope while giving urban youth the exposure needed to compete insociety. Travel “Men-Touring” provides youth the opportunity to tour historical landmarks, college campuses, museums and memorials that they may not have had the opportunity to visit. We build from an initial travel experience that opens the child’s eyes to a world of possibilities and then keeps them working on life skills, education and community involvement as the necessary building blocks to a productive adult life.

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