New Year’s Resolution – Give 10

With “recession” screaming from almost every news outlet in America, a lot of people are going to tighten their wallets. Unfortunately, giving is often the first thing to go, which means the poorest of the poor suffer the most. Perhaps the key to remaining charitable is to encourage everyone to give in small amounts. For instance, instead of one person giving $30 or $50 a month to a worthy cause, maybe 3 or 5 people could give $10. If you have to cut back on your giving, try to get a few friends who don’t have a charity of choice to help balance it out by committing to “Give 10? on your behalf. If you normally don’t give at all, pick a cause that you believe in and “Give 10? to support it. There are many great causes: education, childcare, regular bills, disaster care, building wells and building homes. If you’re an animal lover, there are great organizations that care for animals, too.

If we work together, we can use small amounts to make a large difference.

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