Everyone Deserves A Roof

In 1993, homeless activist Ted Hayes founded the Dome Village in downtown Los Angeles.  The Dome Village was comprised of 20 metal domes that were used as community facilities and individual dwellings for the homeless.

The owners of the land the Dome Village inhabited raised the rent in 2006 and the Dome Village closed, but a new initiative is here to help the homeless in Los Angeles – and it’s portable enough to go nationwide and beyond.  Meet the EDAR.

The EDAR (which stands for Everyone Deserves A Roof) is a shopping cart by day and a tent by night.  It’s the ultimate “transformer”.  It was developed by media mogul Peter Samuelson.  Samuelson often rode his bicycle along the beach and noticed the myriad of homeless people there.  He decided to interview them to see how they lived and what they needed.  He noticed that several of them lived in cardboard boxes.  Buildings and shelters are often time consuming and expensive to implement, but Samuelson felt there should be a middle ground.  Those unable to find traditional shelter should not have to resort to a cardboard box.  According to Samuelson, we can do better than that.  So he did.  And the EDAR was born.

For more about the EDAR and how you can help, go to http://www.edar.org/index.html.

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