A Different Sense of Fashion

What does your handbag say about you?  Does it flash and say you’re a party girl?  Is it conservative because you’re a business woman? How about “no-nonsense” mom?  Do you change your bag for different occasions?

What if your handbag could say something else?  It could say that you support freedom.  It could say that you empower women.  It could say that you care.

Freeset bags are made of Jute – and love.  They are made by women in Kolkata, India who have been rescued from prostitution.  Some of these women were kidnapped and trafficked.  Others were sold by parents because they couldn’t feed one more mouth.  Still others do it voluntarily because it’s the only way to care for their families.  For many women, there is no escape and there are no other options.  Until now.

Freeset rescues women from prostitution and employs them.  These women make the beautiful, environmentally friendly handbags sold by the company.  With gainful employment that they can take pride in, these women have formed a compassionate community within the company – and have become agents of change outside its doors.

Women who work at Freeset are paid a salary and also receive health benefits and a retirement plan.  The company also provides a supportive environment that caters to their emotional needs as they transition out of the abusive sex trade and into Freeset.

One of the most amazing things about Freeset is the company philosophy.  From their website:

Freeset uses an “upside down” model that turns the normal principles of running a business on their head. Businesses generally choose the best people for a job and pay them the lowest possible wages. Here, women are employed on the basis of their need for freedom, rather than their qualifications – many have had little or no schooling. They are trained and then paid well above the going market rate. The transformation in women’s lives is clearly apparent, simply because they’ve been given a chance.”

Now, they’re giving you a chance.  A chance to participate.  A chance to help.  A chance to change lives.  A chance to stand up for freedom.  All while maintaining your sense of style.

Buy a Freeset bag. Set someone free.


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