Jan 10

by Kim Anthony

As a young adult aging out of the foster care system with an infant and no family support, Nadine’s early life was particularly challenging. She spent 28 successful years in corporate America as an Organizational Manager but had a burning passion to be a positive force in the lives of children.

She became a foster parent and volunteered as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) when she realized that helping children is her life’s purpose and Speak The Dream Foundation was born. She is an effective speaker with compassion and a presence that will disarm and capture any audience. Nadine’s vision is to ignite a fire and inspire every young person that she comes in contact with and encourage them to always SPEAK the dream and most importantly, LIVE IT!!

Within her vision, Nadine also believes that the parents/guardians of our youth can be very pivotal to their success. Therefore, support, encouragement and inclusion of parents/guardians must be built into our programs. For more information or to support her wonderful organization visit:



Jan 5

by Kim Anthony

G’morning! This Urban Angel was nominated by the wonderful (angel on earth, herself) Lena Cole Dennis. (www.Facebook.com/LenaColeDennis) Today’s Urban Angel Profile’s sheer courage and commitment absolutely confounds me! Her name is Mary Ann Nicholson, Founder and Director of Healings in Motion!

Mary Ann Nicolson is a twenty-five year broadcast veteran including television, radio and new media in major markets.   Her professional experiences include radio production, media sales, management and radio station ownership in Los Angeles and Sacramento, CA.

She has served on many boards throughout her career. However, she is especially pleased at the work that was accomplished while serving over 13 years as a board member for Ability’s First , an agency that serves people with special needs through-out  Southern California. Little did she know that this experience would prepare her for this phase of her life.

After being married just over a year, her husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Flabbergasted at the unexpected role she assumed as a caregiver, her quest for information became paramount.    Offered no hope for recovery for her husband, Ms. Nicholson’s exhaustive search for treatment led to the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.  Unfortunately it was too late.  She has since met over 40 survivors who are thriving beyond pancreatic cancer, all recognizing the power of hope, a lesson she needed on her next journey.

While mourning her loss, Mary suffered a hemorrhagic stroke, a fierce grand mal seizure along with other neurological disabilities. Her symptoms were not recognized by Paramedics or hospital staff.  She became a baby again in many ways needing the assistance for personal care and she had to re-learn basic skills.

Today Mary utilizes her broadcast communication background to increase stroke awareness, prevention and enhance acute stroke therapy in San Joaquin County. In addition, Mar also serves on the Mayor’s Task Force for Person with Disabilities for the city of Stockton and is a board director for the Recreational Sports Club of San Joaquin, an agency provides social and recreational activities for people with disabilities.

For more information about Mary Ann Nicholson and Healings in Motion visit:



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