Oct 18

There are several charities available to help people recover from catastrophic losses, but what about people who have high medical bills, or are a few months late on their rent due to routine layoffs?  What if you could help someone before the losses become catastrophic?

Enter Modest Needs (http://www.modestneeds.org), a charity for helping with those “little” financial slips.  The Modest Needs community receives several requests a day, and those requests are voted on by the community.  Only requests that are approved by the community go on to become funded.  Community members can pledge their own dollars toward specific needs, or donate general amounts to “top off” approved requests that haven’t been fully funded.

Donors often receive personal thank you letters from the people they have helped, which is a nice bonus for the donor and an assurance that there was a real person behind the request.

If you like to give, but have ever wondered if your money actually helps anyone, Modest Needs might be the charity of choice for you.

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